A Boom for Civil Engineering?

from the blog www.stuckincustoms.comThe civil engineering sector in Australia is one that is constantly experiencing change and developments in various ways. The most recent of these is a boom in road building. It is predicted that in the next few years there will be an increase in the amount of investment in road building in Australia. It is also predicted that the government of this country will be investing funds in the telecommunications sector as well as recreation facilities. This growth is expected to last two years at least.

Queensland and South Australia are the main regions to be targeted by this engineering boom. New South Wales is already experiencing this kind of activity and it is scheduled to continue at a similar rate for the next few years.

As work increases in the aforementioned sectors, it is also slowing down in other places. For example, development for power utilities has slowed as the sector hasn’t grown at the expected rate. This means that a lot of work that was scheduled has had to be backtracked. The renewable energy sector has been particularly affected in this way as the plans for development become stale. There is much political uncertainty at the moment in regards to renewable energy which is causing difficulties when it comes to knowing what will happen next. Additionally much work needs to be done to the railway system in the country which means that funds that may have benefited other areas have to be diverted for this reason.

It is estimated that the amount spent of on civil engineering in the following year by the Australian government will reach $63.105 billion pounds. The following year it is predicted that this amount will decrease to $60 billion pounds. Despite the large amount of funds that are set to be used for such projects, the amount of jobs that have been posted seems to have taken a drop. One online job site expressed that they had seen a decrease of 18% in civil engineering jobs in the past year. These are figures that will hopefully see a boost now that the country has committed to developing the roads. There are certainly enough qualified professionals in the country that would be able to rise to the task!

Official plans from the new labour government in Queensland are still pending, however, it’s safe to say that there will be a large amount of engineering taking place in the coming years. What this means for the industry as a whole remains to be seen!


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