UK Growth in the Civil Engineering Sector

civil-engineeringThe civil engineering industry in the United Kingdom has grown by almost a fifth in the last year! Research has shown that this growth has taken place across the country, equating to very positive things for the economy.

It is documented that at the end of 2014, there were 159,000 people working in the civil engineering sector. That was an increase of 17.7% which amounts to an additional 135,000 people from the year of 2013. This is actually the fastest increase in employees that the civil engineering sector has experienced in the last five years. This is an impressive peak but it is still below the high of 174,000 employees that were employed in the sector in 2009.Although the amount of people working within the sector fluctuates from year to year, the average pay has remained the same over the past few years, resting at approximately £30k annually.

Industry experts have spoken of how this is the most encouraging year of growth in the civil engineering sector since the recession. However, the problem of a lack of qualified engineers is now emerging as firms begin to expand beyond their capabilities. This shortage of engineers poses a serious threat to the growth plans of many mid-level businesses as an adequate number of skilled candidates simply don’t exist. In order to try and work around this problem, many firms are opting to hire fresh graduates instead of higher paid, experienced engineers. This means they are able to hire larger numbers of people for a lower budget.

Because of this expansion, now is a great time to get your first job in the enginnering sector. To build on this expansion, companies are keen to hire the best graduates and this could be you. There are several websites that make this process easier with job postings all around the world. Therefore if you are looking for a job in civil engineering then your first action should be to get your CV uploaded to as many job sites as possible whilst also making sure your LinkedIn profile properly represents your skills and work experience history. There are several engineering specific websites that are great for finding jobs but you can also find engineering positions on the more generic job search websites, such as Reed, Indeed and Monster! You can also, of course, send your CV directly to the companies that you would like to work for in order to give yourself the most chance of being discovered!


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