How Can Engineering Firms Stay Skilled?!

employment-headerEngineering is a career that requires a large amount of skill and knowledge in order to do the job properly. It is an industry that is constantly dveloping and changing as new technologies and methods are explored. For new engineers entering the sector this can be quite daunting. However, those who have been employed as engineers for several years can also find it tricky to always be up to date. Making the time to investigate, research and learn new skills is essential to being the best engineer possible! Continue reading


Australian Foreign Worker Visa Shake-Up!!

downloadAn expert engineer in Australia has raised his voice to join the shout of unions in protesting against proposed visa reforms in Australia. The proposals are focused around making it easier for foreign workers to obtain visas to work as engineers in the country. This would allow large numbers of specialized engineers to commence work.

The expert who has spoken out against these proposals, Steve Durkin, is the Chief Executive of Engineers Australia. Durkin believes that by allowing foreign workers to have temporary visas, without requiring them to pass a language test or a skills test, could seriously be of detriment to the quality of engineering in the country. Those entering the country on one of these temporary visas would be able to work as an engineer in the country for up to a year. Continue reading

More Engineers Needed in the UK!

It’s a HUGE number but the figures are now suggesting that at least 50,000 new skilled and qualified engineers need to be recruited each year! If this number of people aren’t found then a hole begins to emerge in the economy!

One firm in particular – EngineeringUK – have said that they believe over 180,000 vacancies are available at engineering firms every year! However, research from this same firm suggests that only 127,000 of these positions are likely to be filled. Within the body of the research, the claim was made that for each new engineering role that is filled, a further two jobs are created elsewhere within the wider industry. The research has been endorsed by the Business secretary, Vince Cable. Continue reading