Commercial Regulations in France

Solar panelNew legislation in France restricts commercial permits granted for new buildings to those which cover, at least in part, roofs with either solar panels or plants. The initial proposal made by environmental advocates suggested all new rooftops be included in the legislation, with the whole of roofs covered, not just commercial properties. Continue reading


Unusual Architectural Project on Mangrove Mountain

imagesThough the Byzantine era has long since passed, its beautiful architecture is still a source of modern fascination. The Pantanassa monastery on Mangrove Mountain is a newly completed project that blends the beauty of the past with the most modern of construction practices.

The monastery, a Greek Orthodox facility, has been lovingly constructed by Design Delta Architects to pay homage to the Byzantine Empire. Typical of this architectural style is the soaring vaulted ceilings, formed of stone, with mosaic designs plotted out in beautiful tiles. The roof forms individual domes, which requires the careful placement of curved tiles. Continue reading

Australian civil engineering projects due to rise during 2015

downloadThe civil engineering sector is expected to see similar levels of activity throughout the coming years, with projects remaining mostly unchanged across the country.  Though there has been uncertainty for types of project, such as renewable energy development, the interest in common projects such as infrastructure expansion and mining continues to remain at the same high level.

The present financial year should see approximately 63,105 billion dollars’ worth of civil engineering work completed across Australia according to the Australian Construction Industry Forum, though this figure does not include mining projects. Continue reading


Skyscrapers-Mirror-1024x768In a world where things are constantly pushed to be bigger and better engineers are at the front line of boundary pushing innovation. Add cheaper and faster to the list of expectations and failures are bound to occur. Failure however is not just the mother of innovation, but also of civil engineering enterprise. Where one fails another learns, and engineers are coming up with solutions that provide possibilities for increasingly incredible structures. As new materials are developed designers utilise them to greater performance and in tackling unprecedented challenges, engineers must refine safety margins. They must also consider greater variables and are held accountable for remarkable successes that would not be possible with a more conservative, less intensive design process. Continue reading

A Boom for Civil Engineering?

from the blog www.stuckincustoms.comThe civil engineering sector in Australia is one that is constantly experiencing change and developments in various ways. The most recent of these is a boom in road building. It is predicted that in the next few years there will be an increase in the amount of investment in road building in Australia. It is also predicted that the government of this country will be investing funds in the telecommunications sector as well as recreation facilities. This growth is expected to last two years at least. Continue reading