Reclassification of Coastal Hazard Areas!

CaptureThe government in Queensland has made the decision to reclassify coastal hazard areas based on the potential for sea levels to rise. This decision is expected to benefit both long term planning and local councils in deciding on the use for land in these hazard areas. The decision has been applauded by industry members and experts as a way to enable more prudent planning and decision making for future land development designs. Continue reading

Building Homes in Australia

buildahouseIf you intend to build a house in a high bushfire risk area, there are some regulations you will need to follow in order to fulfil the requirements for residential permits. The requirements that proposals need to adhere to are set out by the Government of South Australia. Details of these requirements can be found in the Building Code Australia state variations. Plans are assessed according to the bushfire protection planning provisions of the relevant local area development plan. The County fire service also needs to be referred to in relation to how difficult protecting the structure from bushfire will be.

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A Boom for Civil Engineering?

from the blog www.stuckincustoms.comThe civil engineering sector in Australia is one that is constantly experiencing change and developments in various ways. The most recent of these is a boom in road building. It is predicted that in the next few years there will be an increase in the amount of investment in road building in Australia. It is also predicted that the government of this country will be investing funds in the telecommunications sector as well as recreation facilities. This growth is expected to last two years at least. Continue reading

Use ABLIS to get your Commercial Permits!

downloadThe Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS) is available online to aid you in finding relevant licenses, permits, registrations, approvals, standards, guidelines, and codes of practice. ABLIS will reduce the time needed in discovering what is required for starting, operating, developing, or closing your business. When finding out for example which commercial permit you require or whether you need a commercial permit at all, this is your first port of call. You can also download personalised reports giving summaries of requirements relevant to your business, licence fees for both personal and commercial permits etc as well as information on permit renewals and further help and advice.

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Australian Foreign Worker Visa Shake-Up!!

downloadAn expert engineer in Australia has raised his voice to join the shout of unions in protesting against proposed visa reforms in Australia. The proposals are focused around making it easier for foreign workers to obtain visas to work as engineers in the country. This would allow large numbers of specialized engineers to commence work.

The expert who has spoken out against these proposals, Steve Durkin, is the Chief Executive of Engineers Australia. Durkin believes that by allowing foreign workers to have temporary visas, without requiring them to pass a language test or a skills test, could seriously be of detriment to the quality of engineering in the country. Those entering the country on one of these temporary visas would be able to work as an engineer in the country for up to a year. Continue reading