Women in Engineering

downloadThe current percentage of women working in engineering is under twelve percent. Having so few women engineers, both incoming into engineering programs and retaining a professional practice, is a long standing concern. The question is, why is it that the proportion of women in engineering is so low? It seems this concern has yet to have its reasons seriously addressed.

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A Career in Automotive & Transportation Design?

imagesAutomotive designers deal with both the aesthetics and ergonomics of road vehicles. They fall into a role within transportation design that has as much to do with art as usability, working mostly with automobiles such as cars, buses, motorbikes, vans, and trucks, these automotive designers are here to fulfil three main elements within a much larger transport design setting.

Using primarily graphic design they work with interior, exterior, colour and trim. A great deal of consumers in this department will adopt their vehicle as part of their image, making automotive design a crucial part of transport design. Continue reading