Trends in Construction to Watch Out For This Year!

cdo-construction-august-2013As the economy continues to improve, so too will the construction market. To catalyse and sustain this growth, new trends are already emerging within the global construction market. The following trends described in this post will show a glimpse of how the construction market is continuing to evolve and what it will look like throughout 2015 and beyond.

The old idea that engineering design and construction companies were separate entities has been scrapped in favour for a more efficient joint effort. For example, important data for engineering design is often created in-house, then contracted out to an outsourced firm to develop. This method relies on many individual components and companies working together, which is practically a recipe for time mismanagement and miscommunication. Continue reading


Commercial Regulations in France

Solar panelNew legislation in France restricts commercial permits granted for new buildings to those which cover, at least in part, roofs with either solar panels or plants. The initial proposal made by environmental advocates suggested all new rooftops be included in the legislation, with the whole of roofs covered, not just commercial properties. Continue reading