Reclassification of Coastal Hazard Areas!

CaptureThe government in Queensland has made the decision to reclassify coastal hazard areas based on the potential for sea levels to rise. This decision is expected to benefit both long term planning and local councils in deciding on the use for land in these hazard areas. The decision has been applauded by industry members and experts as a way to enable more prudent planning and decision making for future land development designs. Continue reading


Women in Engineering

downloadThe current percentage of women working in engineering is under twelve percent. Having so few women engineers, both incoming into engineering programs and retaining a professional practice, is a long standing concern. The question is, why is it that the proportion of women in engineering is so low? It seems this concern has yet to have its reasons seriously addressed.

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Commercial Regulations in France

Solar panelNew legislation in France restricts commercial permits granted for new buildings to those which cover, at least in part, roofs with either solar panels or plants. The initial proposal made by environmental advocates suggested all new rooftops be included in the legislation, with the whole of roofs covered, not just commercial properties. Continue reading