Building Homes in Australia

buildahouseIf you intend to build a house in a high bushfire risk area, there are some regulations you will need to follow in order to fulfil the requirements for residential permits. The requirements that proposals need to adhere to are set out by the Government of South Australia. Details of these requirements can be found in the Building Code Australia state variations. Plans are assessed according to the bushfire protection planning provisions of the relevant local area development plan. The County fire service also needs to be referred to in relation to how difficult protecting the structure from bushfire will be.

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Commercial Regulations in France

Solar panelNew legislation in France restricts commercial permits granted for new buildings to those which cover, at least in part, roofs with either solar panels or plants. The initial proposal made by environmental advocates suggested all new rooftops be included in the legislation, with the whole of roofs covered, not just commercial properties. Continue reading

Use ABLIS to get your Commercial Permits!

downloadThe Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS) is available online to aid you in finding relevant licenses, permits, registrations, approvals, standards, guidelines, and codes of practice. ABLIS will reduce the time needed in discovering what is required for starting, operating, developing, or closing your business. When finding out for example which commercial permit you require or whether you need a commercial permit at all, this is your first port of call. You can also download personalised reports giving summaries of requirements relevant to your business, licence fees for both personal and commercial permits etc as well as information on permit renewals and further help and advice.

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